Unveiling additional tips on body care from the neck down for a full body glow.


Sometimes, we need a little reminder that our skin care routine shouldn’t stop at our neck. In a previous post (read it here), we shared the importance of a good body care routine when it comes to caring for your skin because the rest of your body deserves the same attention you shower on your face.

As advocates of healthy skin and skincare maintenance, we’re back with additional tips for frequently neglected parts of the body to make sure everything’s covered.


  • Don’t forget your elbows and knees

The pressure and friction your elbows and knees endure on a daily basis causes the skin to thicken, which can make these areas feel dry and leathery. When planking or kneeling during your workout sessions, add a buffer by opting for gear that covers these spots to prevent further friction. Shower your elbows and knees with TLC during your regular bath time exfoliation sessions. Follow up with a moisturiser at least once a day to keep skin soft.


  • Reach for your back

Out of sight, out of mind. Just because we can’t see our back doesn’t mean we should neglect it. The back has a high number of oil glands which is why it’s the most common place for a body breakout. When bacteria and oil build-up, it can clog the follicles – leading to bacne. Cleanse your back with a body wash containing antibacterial ingredients and use an exfoliating body scrub once or twice a week to keep pores clear.


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  • Pamper your legs

We’re all guilty of taking our legs for granted. They’re one of the most exposed yet neglected parts of the body. Get in the habit of applying sunscreen to your legs every day, paying attention to the back of the legs and feet.

Exfoliate regularly to get rid of dead skin cells and remember to moisturise so your feet will look and feel smoother. Apart from the usual exfoliation and moisturising, pamper and soothe those tired legs with an occasional massage session to aid blood circulation.

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  • Care for your chest

The skin on the décolletage produces less oil than the face, hence the skin there is thin and fragile. Since it’s an area prone to sun exposure, remember to apply SPF religiously to prevent premature aging. Gravity, UV exposure and age leads to loss of collagen, sagging and wrinkles. To combat this, stay hydrated, gently exfoliate and keep the area well moisturised to keep your décolletage as fresh as your face.

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Now, you’ll be glowing from head to toe.



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