Say goodbye to your peach fuzz with these 7 methods that will effectively eliminate facial hair.


It’s a hot topic that no one really talks about. Yes – girls get facial hair too. It’s totally normal. Peach fuzz a.k.a vellus hair is the fine, soft, usually light hair that appears mainly on the face and neck that’s only visible at close range.


Whether it’s due to genetics or hormones, some women tend to have more facial hair than others. While it’s usually barely noticeable, most ladies still want to rid themselves of it. Removing peach fuzz is beneficial for the skin because the fine hairs trap debris and oil, which makes your face look dull.


Since the quest for smooth skin never ends, we’re here to recommend some tried and true methods so you won’t have to put your skin through damaging DIY jobs.


  • Waxing

Effective but painful, it’s a useful solution for getting rid of facial hair quickly. It pulls hair from the root completely and keeps you fuzz-free for 4-6 weeks. Those with acne, sensitive or rosacea prone skin should proceed with caution as waxing can aggravate the surface of the skin.

  • Threading

For those sensitive to waxing, this gentler method could be an option. All-over threading removes facial hair without tugging at the skin, but be prepared for some stinging and redness post-removal.


  • Hair removal creams

These creams use chemicals to dissolve the hair beneath the pore, allowing you to simply wipe the cream off after the prescribed time along with the hair. Hair removal creams can irritate the skin though, so remember to do a patch test before going all in.


  • Shaving

Unless you’re shaving with a blunt razor, don’t worry about hair growing back thicker and coarser. Ensure you take precautions for the smoothest finish. Use a razor with two blades as they are targeted for sensitive areas and shave in the shower or just after showering, when skin is softest.


  • Tweezing

Since tweezing grabs hair at the root, the results will last as long as a wax job. However, it’s labour intensive and recommended for maintenance and touch-ups instead. Pro tip: clean your tweezers with alcohol after every use to prevent bacteria build-up.


  • Bleach

While bleaching won’t get rid of your hairs, it’ll lighten it so that it’s less noticeable. Bleaching can make the skin sensitive to sunlight and prone to pigmentation, so avoid sun exposure for a few days after and protect your skin with a good SPF daily.


  • IPL (intense pulse light)

Leave it in the hands of the experts and get rid of unwanted hair in a flash. IPL technology targets specific areas without affecting the surrounding skin. Not only will hair grow back lighter and thinner, with time, fewer will grow back at all.


BFF tips:

  • If skin is irritated or broken, hold off on removing the fuzz as it can leave skin vulnerable to bacteria.


  • Post hair removal, use gentle products to soothe the area and reduce irritation to the skin.


Now you know how to effectively de-fuzz, say goodbye to your peach fuzz and hello to smooth application of makeup.

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