Discover 6 ways you can elevate your spa experience with these insider tips.

There’s a lot of investment involved when you take a spa day. You’re not just spending your time, you’re spending your money with the intention of looking and feeling better. As your beauty BFF, we wanna ensure you make the best out of your spa day. Don’t let your blissful retreat turn into a source of stress.

Whether you’re a newbie or regular, here are insider 6 tips to ensure a next level spa experience.

  1. Be punctual

The early bird gets the worm. Or at least the soothing, life enhancing benefits of a spa. Try to be punctual so you won’t have to rush. The last thing you want to do when you’re going for a soothing treat is to be flustered, as it affects your ability to ease into a relaxed state of mind during your treatment. Being late also cuts into your precious spa time meaning that your treatment could get shortened.


  1. Go during off-peak hours

Spas tend to be busiest from Fridays through Sundays and during peak timings such as evenings after work. To enjoy a quieter, more relaxed atmosphere, try going during off-peak timings between 11am – 4pm on weekdays. Your therapist will be able to pay you even more undivided attention during this time.


  1. Tune out all distractions

We know it can be hard because you have so many commitments but to get the best out of your experience, try to tune out all distractions and just focus on relaxation. Put your phone on silent and try not to think about work, home or life problems. Take a deep breath, remember why you came, let it all go and allow yourself to be pampered.


  1. Speak up

Don’t be shy. Speak to your therapist and tell them what you want for the treatment. If you want them to focus on specific areas, if the pressure applied during the treatments is too light or heavy, or if you’re uncomfortable at any point in time – inform your therapist so adjustments can be made. Your comfort is of utmost importance to your therapist because they want to give you the best experience you deserve.


  1. Ask for more information

If you’re unsure about anything, be sure to ask. Whether it’s a question that has to do with the treatment, skin complaints, recommendations, maintenance, diet or tips, feel free to fire away. Clarifying your queries will help put your doubts to rest so you can slip into a zen state of mind.


  1. Try something new

When you find something that works, you tend to stick to it. Our advice however, is to try a different treatment every once in a while. That new treatment just might be the magic solution to your specialised needs. Try something new on a regular basis and you never know what you might discover. If you’re scared of taking a leap into the unknown, ask your therapist for recommendations.


We hope that with these 6 friendly tips, you’ll be able to get the best out of your spa day so you leave feeling better than when you arrive. Test these out the next time you head for a spa sesh to elevate your experience. Take it from your Beauty BFF, don’t mess up your spa day!



Your Beauty BFF


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